2022 Exhibition Schedule

Future exhibits are tentative and subject to change. Please check back before visiting.

Main Gallery

Nature’s Elegance: Sculpures by Joe Garnero & Photographs by Allan Rowell
January 14–March 4

Enclāve Studios: Paintings by Jay Gordon, Corey Kahn, Gabriel Lipper, & Nicole Wasgatt
March 11–April 29

Tobacco Silks: Fabric Art by Greta Mikkelsen
May 6–June 17

FIRE AND LIGHT: Ceramics by Hannah Brehmer, Photography by Rich Bergeman and Kurt Norlin
June 24–August 5

Nature’s Tapestry: paintings by Linda Boutacoff, Pam Haunschild, and Eve Margo Withrow
August 12–September 23

Pressing On: Nancy Jo Mullen, a Retrospective
September 30–November 11

2022 Annual Members’ Exhibit: Signs & Symbols
November 18–December 22

Members’ Gallery

Winter Rotation
January 21 – April 29, 2022



Spring Rotation
May 13- August 26, 2022



Fall Rotation
September 9 – January 13, 2022

Community Gallery

Winter Romance: Paintings by Annekatrine Harrington
January 14–February 25

Celtic Art Show
March 4–April 8

The Sterling Beings: Sculpture by Jane Sterling
April 15–May 20

Expressionism: Annual Art Movement Tribute
May 27 – July 8, 2022

Inspired by New Zealand: Paintings by Cindy Triplett
July 15–August 26

Sight Lines: Paintings by Anne Stagg
September 2–October 14

Small Beginnings: Works by Lucille Linville
October 21–December 2

Nature’s Splendor: Photographs by RC Vasavada
December 9–January 13

Berryman Gallery

Photographs by Tom Glassman
January 26-April 16

Works by Greg Thweatt
April 22–August 16, 2022

Photography by Kristen Beck
September 22–November 28, 2022