Berryman Gallery

The Lindsay Berryman Gallery is a satellite exhibition space of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, located on the second floor lobby of the Craterian Theater. The Berryman Gallery is open to the public before performances and to ticket holders during Craterian performances. Please see the Craterian’s website for performance dates at

Current Exhibit

Paula Fong Illustrations, a Retrospective

September 1–November 8

This exhibit represents Paula Fong’s journey as an artist over the last 25 years, from scientific illustration to a celebration of the textures, colors and forms of the natural world. As an ecologist she illustrated the habitats she worked in, including the mixed conifer forests of Southern Oregon, all of the details and relationship they represent. She then began to focus on the elements within habitats, the mushrooms and lichens, the waves and water features, the rocks and the layer of soil.  Much of her art celebrates Pacific Northwest landscapes, as well as across the country and beyond, with a similar fascination for nature, up close and personal and from a landscape perspective.

Paula Fong, Milkweed and Monarch II, watercolor
Paula Fong, Grand Cascade Juniper, watercolor
Paula Fong, Death Valley Textures, watercolor