Members Gallery
September to January 2021

Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen, The Guardian, acrylic, $275
Bruce Allen, Black Magic, acrylic, $110
Bruce Allen, Kaleidoscope, acrylic, $275
Kristen Beck, Silent Lake, photography, $175
Kristen Beck, Road to Nowhere, photography, $175
Kristen Beck, Brothers Oregon Sunrise, photography, $175
Erin Cam, Fire on the Mountain, oil on panel, $595
Erin Cam, Goldfinch, oil on panel, $295

Katy Cauker

Katy Cauker, Beach Drift, acrylic, 9×12, $350
Katy Cauker, Rock Creek North View, acrylic, 9×12, $312
Katy Cauker, Chetco Point View Southwest, acrylic, 9×12, $350

Valerie Dann

Valerie Dann, Blanket of Flowers, acrylic, $250
Valerie Dann, Good Night Iris, acrylic, $250

Nancy Darte

Nancy Darte, Mad Cow, oil, $785

Cynthia Flowers

Cynthia Flowers, Birthday Flowers, watercolor, $300

Connie Fribance

Connie Fribance, Chrom Yellow #1, oil, $275
Connie Fribance, Chrom Yellow #2, oil, $275

Tom Glassman

Tom Glassman, Abandoned, photography, $225
Tom Glassman, Break Room at the Stable, photography, $225
Tom Glassman, Infrared Ship, photography, $225
Claudia Harlow, White Horse Falls, photography, $75
Claudia Harlow, Mt. Hood in Northern Oregon, photography, $225
Claudia Harlow, Anna’s Hummingbird with Camellia, photography, $65

Pam Haunschild

Pam Haunschild, Afterglow, acrylic, $525
Pam Haunschild, Flutter of Quiet, acrylic, $150
Pam Haunschild, Quiet Radiance, acrylic, $150

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Day Becomes Night, watercolor, $800
Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Expressions 6-3, watercolor, $195
Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Expressions 7-12, watercolor, $195

Howard Hunt

Howard Hunt, A Wondrous Gift, digital art, $350
Howard Hunt, Reclining Nude, digital art, $300
Howard Hunt, Reflected Abstraction, digital art, $300

Marilyn Hurst

Marilyn Hurst, California Wild Mustard, pastel, $450
Marilyn Hurst, Red Vine Maple Glow, pastel, $450
Marilyn Hurst, Rogue River Retreat, pastel, $895.

Jenny Kahn

Jenny Kahn, Can Never Go Home, oil on board, $300
Jenny Kahn, Self Portrait with Mother, mixed media, $1500
Jenny Kahn, Self Portrait 2021, oil on canvas, $1500

Susan Kracmar

Susan Kracmar, Guarding the Fort, photography, $100

Judy Benson LaNier

Judy LaNier, Hawaiian Jewel, photo on metal, $225
Judy LaNier, Royalty, photo on canvas, $400

Summer Lewis

Summer Lewis, Between Heaven & Earth, embroidery on paper collage, $395
Summer Lewis, Map 01, embroidery on alcohol ink paper collage, $350
Summer Lewis, Geode Garden, embroidery on alcohol ink paper collage, $395

Vivian McAleavey

Vivian McAleavey, Hope, enhanced photograph, $225
Vivian McAleavey, Tree Line, enhanced photograph, $225
Vivian McAleavey, Sun Struck, enhanced photograph, $225

Bonnie McManus

Bonnie McManus, Looking North, pastel, $275

Susan Murphey

Susan Murphey, Follow Your Heart:  What is Calling You, Let Your Soul Shine, Fabric, vintage beads, $150
Susan Murphey, South African Dreams, South African Shweshwe fabric and vintage beads, $175

Cristolin Oswald

Christine Oswald, Moonlit Owls, pastel, $200
Christine Oswald, Scanning the Skies, colored pencil, $160

Carolyn Patten

Carolyn Patten, Time Traveler 1-Autumn, acrylic on board, $200
Carolyn Patten, Time Traveler 3-Solstice, acrylic on board, $200

Janet Ratnour

Janet Ratnour, Alabaster Meadow #1, plaster bas relief castings, $350
Janet Ratnour, Alabaster Meadow #2, plaster bas relief casting, $350
Janet Ratnour, Alabaster Meadow #3, plaster bas relief casting, $350

Maryanne Rossini

Maryanne Rossini, Evening Storm, pastel, $400
Maryanne Rossini, Lavender, pastel, $400

Michael Schnee

Michael Schnee, Emigrant Lake Dry series 1, photography, $150
Michael Schnee, Tule Lake 1 Dry series 2, photography, $150
Michael Schnee, Tule Lake 2 Dry series 3, photography, $150

Desmond Serratore

Desmond Serratore, Ashland Hotel, watercolor, $150
Desmond Serratore, Main and Water Street, Ashland, watercolor, $150
Pam Shay, Potted Still Life, watercolor/ink, $125
Pam Shay, Mirrored Island, watercolor/ink, $125
Pam Shay, Swiss Retreat, watercolor/ink, $125

Gayla Snow

Gayla Snow, Wake Up Brave, mixed, $200
Gayla Snow, Never Give Up, mixed, $200

Darlene Southworth

Darlene Southworth, Curved Edge Density, assemblage, $450

Douglas Staples

Doug Staples, Emergence, watercolor, $200
Doug Staples, Under the Grape Arbor, watercolor monoprint, $150

Cindy Triplett

Cindy Triplett, Midsummer, watercolor, $800
Cindy Triplett, Pukeko, watercolor, acrylic, $485
Timothy White, Ram Dass Is There Now, acrylic, $820
Timothy White, What Did Leary Tune Into, acrylic, $720

Charlotte Wirfs

Charlotte Wirfs, Duck Lessons, watercolor, $250
Charlotte Wirfs, Cave Swallow, watercolor, $250

Walt Wirfs

Walt Wirfs, Sunken Forest Neskowin, watercolor, $300
Walt Wirfs, Floral Stilllife, watercolor, $275
Walt Wirfs, Sandstone Cliff, acrylic, $275