Members’ Gallery

Every four months a new jury is delighted by the quality and variety of our member artists’ work! The resulting exhibit changes constantly as work is sold, rented, and rearranged.

May 21 – August 27, 2021

Participating artists include:

Bruce Allen, Betty Barss, Kristen Beck, Meesha Blair, Brenda Mills Brannan, Janet Jean Brougher, John Bullock, Hortense Bullock, N Darte, Phyllis Earls, Cynthia Flowers, Tom Glassman, Claire Harkins, Claudia Harlow, Annekatrine K. Harrington, Krista Harris, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Marilyn Hurst, Michael Schnee, Susan Krackmar, Judy Benson LaNier, Summer Lewis, Alan Longan, Vivian McAleavey, Tia Mckenzie, Bonnie McManus, Victoria A. Morgan, Cristolin Oswald, Carolyn Patten, Charlotte Peterson, Allan Rowell, Desmond Serratore, Pam Shay, Karen Staal, Doug Staples, Cindy Triplett, Mary Joette Vannice, Zoë West, Gerald L. Westgerdes, and Timothy White.

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