2023 Main Gallery Exhibits

I Had the Craziest Dream

November 17–December 21, 2023

See what Rogue Gallery Artist Members have created in response to the theme ‘I Had the Craziest Dream.’ Share your craziest dream too! We’ll have pens and paper out for anyone to share and post their craziest dream.

From hopes and aspirations to dreams during sleep or waking nightmares, Rogue Gallery Artist Members have created artworks in a variety of media in response to the theme ‘I Had the Craziest Dream’. Participating artists include Bruce Allen, Bruce Bayard, Aimee Birkinshaw, Wendy Bloom, Linda Boutacoff, Brenda Mills Brannan, Robert Broadway, John Campbell, Jed Buell Cossonay, Valerie Dann, Nancy Darte, Ann DiSalvo, Phyllis Earls, Catie Faryl, Samuel Day Fassbinder, Tom Glassman, Kelly Gratton, Meg Klinkow Hartmann, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Glenda Housley, Marilyn Hurst, Zelpha Hutton, Kat Jimison, Penny Keenan, Susan Kracmar, Nick Lee, Jon Lee, Christina Madden, Vivian McAleavey, Claudia Michelli, Brenda Mickelson, Monique Monet Buell, Rebecca Mullins, Susan Murphey, Kay Myer, Cristolin Oswald, Jennifer Patten Pell, Cecilia Pestlin, Desmond Serratore, Pam Shay, Karen Staal, Doug Staples, Martin Steele, Kim Sterling, Nancy Sterling, Eva Thiemann, David Tiedemann, Cindy Triplett, Joseph Vaccaro, Maureen Wallace, Gerald Lee Westgerdes, Dirlene Wheeler, Alisha B Whitman, Charlotte L. Wirfs, and Walter Wirfs.

Tom Glassman, Me, photography
Kat Jimison, Arc of Moonlight, acrylic
Jon Lee, Ridin’ Shotgun with Buddha,photography
Martin Steele, Mardi Gras King, artist inkjet
Joseph Vaccaro, Flying High, oil

Some of our visitors’ dreams

Art About Agriculture


September 29 – November 10, 2023

Reception: Friday, September 15, 5:30–8pm

The OSU College of Agricultural Sciences is celebrating their 40th year of “Art About Agriculture”, their Competition and Touring Exhibition. This year’s presentation of jury-selected artworks come from artists representing 20 counties throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Britt Block, What a Bee Sees: Apple Blossom, pastel on paper

Big Girls in Rogue: Drawings by M. V. Moran

August 11—September 21, 2023

Reception: Friday, August 18, 5:30-8pm

This exhibit features the work of Oregon artist M. V. Moran. These larger than life charcoal drawings present monumental figures in bold black and white compositions.

M. V. Moran, Big Girls: Confrontation, charcoal on paper on panel, 48″x95″
M. V. Moran, Big Girls: Contemplation, charcoal on paper on panel, 48″x95″
M. V. Moran, Big Girls: Confinement, charcoal on paper on panel, 48″x95″

An Art Exhibition Collaboration with Rogue Gallery &
Marrow Collective Featuring Ryan Moon

June 23–August 4, 2023

Reception: Friday, July 21, 5:30pm–8pm

INTENT is a solo exhibition curated by Marrow Collective and Rogue Gallery.  Artist Ryan Moon showcases a variety of past and current works. Ryan is one of three founders of Marrow Collective, a collection of artists advancing the movement of arts and culture throughout Southern Oregon through the use of popup art exhibitions.

More info about Marrow Collective at marrowcollective.com

Rogue Valley Biennial
A Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Art

May 5–June 16, 2023

Reception: Friday, May 19, 5:30pm–8pm

This biennial exhibit features artwork from local and regional artists in various media. These new works present innovative, insightful, and thought provoking expressions of current events, art movements, or political issues. Juried by Jay Gordon and Ryan Moon.

Selected works by Bruce Allen, Bruce Bayard, Linda Boutacoff, Susan Eileen Burnes, John Campbell, Al Crane, Claire Duncan, Jessica Lee Findleton, Denise Souza Finney, Mark Fontaine, Alx Fox, Stephen Frazier, Connie Fribance, Tom Glassman, Kelly Gratton, Pam Haunschild, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Marilyn Hurst, Kat Jimison, Penny Keenan, Jon Lee, Monique Monet, David Nienow, Kristen O’Neill, Charlotte Peterson, Desmond Serratore, Karen Staal, David Tiedemann, Meri Aaron Walker, and Dirlene Wheeler.

Jurors’ Choice Winners

Lynda Hoffman-SnodgrassNew Beginnings, watercolor, 29×21 $1,600
Desmond SerratoreWinter Cows, oil, 12×16, $450
Karen StaalWhat Next!, acrylic, 40×40, $2,000.00

Encounters with Nature:
Millie Whipplesmith Plank and Alfred Pierson

March 10—April 28, 2023

Reception: Friday March 17, 2023

Encounter nature’s splendor in the intricate, contemplative works of two local artists. Alfred Pierson uses natural materials for his impressive pine needle baskets, while Millie Whipplesmith Plank creates woodcut prints depicting captivating scenes of the great outdoors.

Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Rapture, woodcut
Alfred Pierson, pine needle basket
Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Open Territory, woodcut
Alfred Pierson, pine needle baskets 2
Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Double Dippers, woodcut
Alfred Pierson, pine needle baskets 2
Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Secret, woodcut

Works from the Rogue Gallery Collection

January 13—March 3, 2023

Reception: Friday, January 20, 5:30-8pm

Rogue Gallery & Art Center curated this exhibit from our collection of art generously donated by artists and collectors in our community. The exhibit features artwork from local and nationally known artists in a variety of media, subject matter, and styles, including work by Eugene Bennett, Bob Bobsworth, Andrew Bucci, Norma Campbell, D. Chodkiewicz, Judy Howard, Carl Jackson, Kunz, Betty LaDuke, Geoffrey Lewis, Lyle Matoush, Juan Carlos Norero, Orlick, Bill Rabbit, Peg Sjogren, Gwen Stone, Tracy Templeton, Elizabeth Watkins, Barbara Weber, Valerie Willson, and Elaine Witteveen.

Artwork is for sale. All art sale proceeds support Rogue Gallery & Art Center programming.

Sponsored by: Rogue Gallery Board of Directors

Eugene Bennett, Windswept, oil
Bob Bobsworth, Illusion and Illusion, watercolor
Andrew Bucci, Untitled, intaglio
Gwen Stone, Toys on Navy, lithograph