2023 Community Exhibits

Turtle Dreams: A History of Love & Magic

Mixed Media Collage Works by Summer Lewis

December 8, 2023–January 12, 2024

RECEPTION: Friday, December 15, 5–8pm

This exhibit by local artist Summer Lewis explores an ongoing story of personal myth. Vibrant fiber art pieces with paper quilt collages, knotting and embroidery reinforce the power of work with a needle and thread.

Summer LewisThe Heart of Turtle Dreams, mixed media
Summer LewisCreation Story – Great Mother Whale, mixed media
Summer LewisMariela and Turtle Dove, mixed media

Photography by Vivian McAleavey
October 20–December 1, 2023

RECEPTION: Friday, October 20, 5–8pm
Local artist Vivian McAleavey uses her enhanced photography to explore the beauty of nature, offering a distinct perspective by focusing on the bark of trees.


An outer layer of living tissue that
but also reveals
the inner character of one of Gaia’s
most dominant, evocative,
but stationary species –
the Tree.

Vivian McAleaveyPonderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)-1, photography
Vivian McAleavey, Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)-9, photography

DOWNTOWN: Paintings by
Desmond Serratore & Jean Mailander
September 1–October 13, 2023

Reception: Friday, September 15, 5:30pm–8pm
Rogue Valley downtown scenes that inspire nostalgia, appreciation of the present, and excitement for the future. By Rogue Valley artists Desmond Serratore and Jean Mailander.

Desmond SerratoreBartlett StreetDuskoil
Desmond SerratoreMovin’ Onoil
Desmond SerratoreThe Colossus of Medfordoil
Jean Mailander, Donut Shop, oil
Jean Mailander, Jacksonville Tasting Room, oil
Jean Mailander, JC Penny Building, oil
Jean Mailander, Woolworth Building, oil

Take Heart: The Stories That Sustain Us —Ceramics by Julia Janeway
July 14–August 25, 2023

Reception: Friday, August 18, 5:30pm–8pm
Rogue Valley artist Julia Janeway’s exhibit features colorful ceramic pieces with bold sgraffito and uplifting designs.

Julia JanewayPeace,  ceramic
Julia JanewayCreatures of an Hour Carry On,  ceramic
Julia JanewaySwallows + Green Flowers II,  ceramic

Art Nouveau: Annual Art Movement Tribute
May 26–July 7, 2023

Reception: Friday, June 16, 5:30–8pm
This exhibit features the work of Rogue Gallery artists inspired by Art Nouveau, an art movement of the late 19th and early 20th century. Art Nouveau works are inspired by nature and often feature organic shapes, a sense of movement and lush ornamentation.

Participating artists include Rachel Barrett, Linda Boutacoff, Jed Buell Cossonay, Monique Monet, Phyllis Earls, Tom Glassman, Claire Harkins, Meg Klinkow Hartmann, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Howard Hunt, Kat Jimison, Susan Kracmar, Cristolin Oswald, Charlotte Peterson, Pam Shay, Doug Staples, Cindy Triplett, Silvia Trujillo, and Dirlene Wheeler.

Meg Klinkow Hartmann, Cheers!, acrylic & ink, $200
Pam Shay, Fox in the Forest, watercolor and ink, $150
Silvia Trujillo, Blossoms Like Snow, oil, $1200
Dirlene Wheeler, Woman of the Woods, moose antler, $395

Near and Dear: Paintings by Midge Black

April 14–May 19, 2023

Reception: Friday, May 19, 5:30pm–8pm

Explore beautiful scenes of cherished landscapes. Rogue Valley artist Midge Black’s affection for Oregon shines in her acrylic and watercolor paintings of local sights.

Midge Black, Arch Rock, acrylic
Midge Black, Pompador, acrylic
Midge Black, Cummins Creek Bridge, watercolor

Celtic Art Show

March 10–April 7, 2023

Reception: Friday, March 17, 5:30pm–8pm

Rogue Gallery Member Artists celebrate the spirit of Ireland and the Celts with artwork in a variety of media. Participating artists: Rachel Barrett, Jenny Calaba, Dawna Curler, Erin Cam, Paula Fong, Krista Harris, Susan Kracmar, Paul Lesko, Mary Ann Schofield Macey, David Nienow, Charlotte Peterson, Pam Shay, Doug Staples, Cindy Triplett, Maureen Wallace, and Dirlene Wheeler.

Erin Cam, Irish Setter, oil on cradled panel
Paula Fong, Siskiyous in Flight, watercolor
Mary Ann Schofield Macey, Ireland Glory, acrylic
Cindy Triplett, Cana Cludhmor and the Harp -Irish Legends, watercolor: Honorable Mention
Dirlene Wheeler, Luck O’ The Irish, cottonwood bark woodcarving: Winner Best in Show & People’s Choice

The Archeology of Memory: Paintings by Martin Steele

January 20–March 3, 2023

Reception: Friday, January 20, 5:30pm–8pm

Saturated paintings buzzing with color and form appear to glow under serene glossy acrylic. Rogue Valley artist Martin Steele’s digitally composed paintings create new forms and narratives with extensively layered images cultivated from a personal archive drawn from his work in many different media as well as found materials.

To view the 14 paintings in the show, please click this link: https://www.martinsteele.com/show-archeology_of_memory

Martin Steele, Russian River Meets the Pacific