2022 Main Gallery Exhibits

Annual Members’ Exhibit

November 18–December 22, 2022

Reception: Friday, November 18, 5:30–8pm

From literal road signs to the signs and symbols that are simply images that represent something, Rogue Gallery Artist Members have created artworks in a variety of media in response to the theme ‘Signs and Symbols.’

Participating artists: Bruce Allen, Annekatrine, Robert Arieas, Betty Barss, Bruce Bayard, Linda Boutacoff, Brenda Mills Brannan, Robert Broadway, Janet Brougher, Susan Eileen Burnes, John Campbell, Valerie Dann, N. Darte, Ann DiSalvo, Katherine Dron, Phyllis Earls, Joe Garnero, Tom Glassman, Kelly Gratton, Les Hansel, Krista Harris, Margaret Hartmann, Kim Hearon, Ruth Heath, Anna Hinkle, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Howard Hunt, Marilyn Hurst, Zelpha Hutton, Kat Jimison, Jenny Kahn, Donna Kelley, Nick Lee, Jon Lee, Summer Lewis, Margie Mee, Monique Monet, Victoria Morgan, Susan Murphey, Cristine Oswald, Jan Patterson, Cecilia Pestlin, Charlotte Peterson, Michael Schnee, Pam Shay, June Shepard, Darlene Southworth, Doug Staples, Mckenzie Staunton, Martin Steele, Kim & Nancy Sterling, Eva Thiemann, Cindy Triplett, Peter Van Fleet, Cherri Van Syoc, Merike Wallace, Gerald Westgerdes, Marilyn Westgerdes, Dirlene Wheeler, Haila Williams, Charlotte L. Wirfs, Walter Wirfs, and Stefan Wolf.

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Ann DiSalvo, Minoan, pastel;
Kim Hearon, Jonah’s Storm, watercolor
Anna Hinkle, Looks Like Winter, collage
Donna Kelley, self portrait – november 2022,watercolor
Pam Shay, The Lighthouse, watercolor, ink
Cindy Triplett, Fantails, mixed media
Charlotte L. Wirfs, Shamrocks, mixed media
Walter Wirfs, Blue Door, oil

Works by Nancy Jo Mullen

September 30–November 11, 2022

Reception: Friday, October 21, 5:30–8pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, October 22 at 11:30

The illustrious Nancy Jo Mullen delights us with a retrospective of her acclaimed artistic career. A former Executive Director of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, Nancy Jo has been creating art since she was a child. This exhibit includes Nancy Jo’s artwork from over four decades.

Nancy Jo Mullen, Emily Dickinson’s Envelope, collage
Nancy Jo Mullen, Sangre De Cristo Mountain, encaustic
Nancy Jo Mullen, Songs of Unseen Things, encaustic
Nancy Jo Mullen, The Secret Life of Bees, encaustic
Nancy Jo Mullen, Firewalker, encaustic
Nancy Jo Mullen, Sherry’s Song, encaustic

Nature’s Tapestry: Paintings by Linda Boutacoff, Pam Haunschild, and Eve Margo Withrow

August 12–September 23

Reception: Friday, August 19, 5:30-8 pm

Local artists, Eve Margo Withrow, Pam Haunschild, and Linda Boutacoff honor the peace, excitement, and beauty of nature with their abstract paintings. Color, form, and texture intertwine into intriguing nature scenes in these three artists’ distinctive, complimentary works.

Linda’s paintings reflect her love of nature and the Northwest, as well as her background in graphic design. Her work is recognized for mastery in creating delicate visual statements through the bold use of design and color. Linda holds a BA in Commercial Art from San Jose State University. She worked as a graphic artist in San Francisco and Austin, Texas. Linda has lived in southern Oregon since 1972.

Pam Haunschild explores nature in her work that goes beyond realism and provides a unique and powerful vision of her natural subjects that deepens the connection between the viewer and the natural world.  Her distinctive style is colorful, highly textured, and semi-abstract, but the natural forms can be identified.  She works in water media — both acrylics and watercolor. Pam had a career as a social science professor at Stanford and University of Texas-Austin. Having a life-long love of painting, Pam now paints full time.

Eve Margo Withrow is an internationally known, award-winning professional artist creating paintings in water media.  She was an art teacher for over forty years. Eve seeks to guide viewers to awaken their innate creativity and thus their essential self by experiencing the brilliance and joy of self-expression. Her work is colorful, bold, and rhythmic.

Linda Boutacoff, acrylic, Rhythm of the River; Pam Haunschild, acrylic, Rock Fall; and Eve Margo Withrow, Citra Solv collage, Tree Tribe Sees Masked Moon

Ceramics by Hannah Brehmer,
Photography by Rich Bergeman and Kurt Norlin

June 24–August 5, 2022

Reception: Friday, July 15, 5:30-8 pm

Three Oregon artists — photographers Rich Bergeman and Kurt Norlin, and ceramic artist Hannah Brehmer — work with the forces of nature to capture ethereal beauty. Rich, earthy ceramics connect with entrancing photography of wild woods and mystical skies.

Hannah Brehmer, ceramic; Rich Bergeman, High Desert Sky, photograph; Kurt Norlin, Morning Light Eads 5, photograph

Tobacco Silks: Fiber Art by Greta Mikkelsen

May 6–June 17, 2022

Southern Oregon artist Greta Mikkelsen has collected, organized, and re-imagined vintage tobacco and cigarette silks into beautiful fiber art. Tobacco or cigarette silks are printed textile pieces tobacco companies inserted into their products in the early 1900s. Greta incorporates these lesser-known tobacco advertisements into beautiful art quilts that celebrate life and honor history.

Greta Mikkelsen, Butterflies and Moths, fiber art

Paintings by Jay Gordon, Corey Kahn, Gabriel Mark Lipper, and Nicole Wasgatt

March 11–April 29, 2022

Artists Jay Gordon, Corey Kahn, Gabriel Mark Lipper, and Nicole Wasgatt are members of Enclāve Gallery & Studios in Ashland, Oregon. This exhibit presents a diverse collection of their paintings in various media including acrylic, oil and mixed media. Each member offers a distinct perspective on form, color, line, and concept. As an artistic collective, they challenge each other to push into new creative territory and continually redefine the possibilities of visual and conceptual art.

Jay Gordon, Red Tulips ; Corey Kahn, Peter William Vineyard, Take Two ;
Gabriel Lipper, Aedea ; Nicole Wasgatt, Alblasserdam, South Holland

Nature’s Elegance: Sculpture by Joe Garnero and Photography by Allan Rowell

January 14—March 4, 2022

These two Southern Oregon artists foster the magnificence of nature by finding, editing, and preserving the formal beauty of botanical life. Rowell nurtures the flora in his garden, and then captures their ephemeral beauty in his striking photographs. Garnero pays homage to the redwood trees by salvaging their roots and refining them into majestic sculptures.

Joe Garnero, Underground Connection, salvaged redwood root
Allan Rowell, Parrot Tulip, photography