Berryman Gallery

The Lindsay Berryman Gallery is a satellite exhibition space of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, located on the second floor lobby of the Craterian Theater.

2022-24 Past Exhibits

Magnificent Views:
Photographs by R.C. Vasavada

April 3–June 14

R.C. Vasavada has traveled and hiked in all seven continents. His interests in hiking and photography converged and provided an avenue for creative expression. His photographs invite viewers to experience a moment in time and place, revealing the truth about nature, its silent beauty and diversity.

R.C. Vasavada, Woods Lake, Fall Creek, Colorado
R.C. Vasavada, Breaking Dawin, Two Medicine Lake, Glacier NP

A Printmaker’s View:
Works by Midge Black
January 24–March 27

The fourteen pieces on display here were made between 2007 and 2023. They are woodcuts, linocuts and monoprints. An artist’s print is not made with a computer or a printer or a brush, but with a knife, ink and a press.

The adventure of making prints for me is the variety of images that appear: landscapes, people, things recognizable or strange and sometimes impossible. So much is removed in the process of making a print that there are always surprises.
—Midge Black

Midge Black, North Umpqua ll, linocut
Midge Black, Musicale Matisse, linocut

Paula Fong Illustrations, a Retrospective

September 1–November 8

This exhibit represents Paula Fong’s journey as an artist over the last 25 years, from scientific illustration to a celebration of the textures, colors and forms of the natural world. As an ecologist she illustrated the habitats she worked in, including the mixed conifer forests of Southern Oregon, all of the details and relationship they represent. She then began to focus on the elements within habitats, the mushrooms and lichens, the waves and water features, the rocks and the layer of soil.  Much of her art celebrates Pacific Northwest landscapes, as well as across the country and beyond, with a similar fascination for nature, up close and personal and from a landscape perspective.

Paula Fong, Milkweed and Monarch II, watercolor
Paula Fong, Grand Cascade Juniper, watercolor
Paula Fong, Death Valley Textures, watercolor

Faces of West Medford: Portraits by Belinda Moffit

April 15 – June

Local artist Belinda Moffit captures on canvas the beauty of the lives lived west of the freeway.

All the paintings are 12×12 and framed in wood salvaged from West Medford. All paintings are $375
A Cat Named Bird
A Good Book on a Sunny Stoop
Michael the West Medford Mailman
Neighborhood Signs of Progress and Growth

Paintings by Annekatrine

January 26 – April 9, 2023

Local artist Annekatrine pays homage to Ashland’s enchanting seasons and celebrates the romance of life in florals in her lush paintings.

All paintings are by Anakatrine in acrylic and available for purchase for $795 each.
Boulevard Charms
Tuscan Memory
Triangle Park II
Enchanted Afternoon
Ashland Promenade
Afternoon Mood
At the Plaza II
December Love
Belle Fiore 1
Tango Flowers
Messengers of Spring
Sunday Afternoon
Rhapsody for Iris
June Roses

Photography by Kristen Beck

September 22 – November 15, 2022

Kristen Beck’s discerning eye finds beautiful images in a variety of locations.

All photos are by Kristen Beck and available for purchase for $275
I left my Heart
Twin Spires of the Golden Gate
One Tree Hill
Silent Lake
Day at the Beach
Room with a View
The Chair
Pitchers in Reflection
Nature Reclamation
Coogans Chicago
Eilean Donan Scottish Highlands 2
Enchanted Redwoods 1
Enchanted Redwoods 2
Enchanted Redwoods 3

Works by Greg Thweatt

April 22–June 28, 2022

Greg Thweatt enjoys playing with color and light using his painting to tell stories, whether in a portrait or landscape, there is the invitation to explore.  In his words, “art is a bridge between our inner and outer world, at times akin to meditation.  Experiencing art may soothe and heal, allowing for a temporary separation from our fears.   The opportunities to excite and ignite our joys, curiosity or desires draws me to create and experience the creations from others or that which the world offers.”

Photographs by Tom Glassman

January 27—April 16, 2022

Tom Glassman’s photos feature brilliant colors, unusual graphic patterns, and striking minimalist approach. Glassman says, “It is worth noting that what you see is what was really there and what I saw when I took the photograph. I help capture the intense colors by using a polarizer filter. But everything was done in the camera. And although the images you see here were produced with a computer and a professional graphics printer, none of the images were manipulated in any way with any computer imaging software.”

Tom Glassman, Ashland Mural, photography, 16x20, $225
Tom Glassman, Ashland Mural (Mural on the side of a building photographed through trees)