2022 Main Gallery Exhibits

Paintings by Jay Gordon, Corey Kahn, Gabriel Mark Lipper, and Nicole Wasgatt

March 11–April 29, 2022

Artists Jay Gordon, Corey Kahn, Gabriel Mark Lipper, and Nicole Wasgatt are members of Enclāve Gallery & Studios in Ashland, Oregon. This exhibit presents a diverse collection of their paintings in various media including acrylic, oil and mixed media. Each member offers a distinct perspective on form, color, line, and concept. As an artistic collective, they challenge each other to push into new creative territory and continually redefine the possibilities of visual and conceptual art.

Jay Gordon, Red Tulips ; Corey Kahn, Peter William Vineyard, Take Two ;
Gabriel Lipper, Aedea ; Nicole Wasgatt, Alblasserdam, South Holland

Nature’s Elegance: Sculpture by Joe Garnero and Photography by Allan Rowell

January 14—March 4, 2022

These two Southern Oregon artists foster the magnificence of nature by finding, editing, and preserving the formal beauty of botanical life. Rowell nurtures the flora in his garden, and then captures their ephemeral beauty in his striking photographs. Garnero pays homage to the redwood trees by salvaging their roots and refining them into majestic sculptures.

Joe Garnero, Underground Connection, salvaged redwood root
Allan Rowell, Parrot Tulip, photography