Berryman Gallery

The Lindsay Berryman Gallery is a satellite exhibition space of the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, located on the second floor lobby of the Craterian Theater.

2022 Past Exhibits

Photographs by Tom Glassman

January 27—April 16, 2022

Tom Glassman’s photos feature brilliant colors, unusual graphic patterns, and striking minimalist approach. Glassman says, “It is worth noting that what you see is what was really there and what I saw when I took the photograph. I help capture the intense colors by using a polarizer filter. But everything was done in the camera. And although the images you see here were produced with a computer and a professional graphics printer, none of the images were manipulated in any way with any computer imaging software.”

Tom Glassman, Ashland Mural, photography, 16x20, $225
Tom Glassman, Ashland Mural (Mural on the side of a building photographed through trees)