2021 Main Gallery Exhibits

About Space: Annual Members’ Exhibit

November 19—December 23, 2021

Deep space, green space, space out, space race, personal space – Rogue Gallery Artist Members have created artworks in a variety of media in response to the theme ‘About Space’.

Participating artists: Bruce Allen, Lynn Anderson, Annekatrine, Robert Arieas, Kristen Beck, Sue Bennett, Linda Boutacoff, Robert Broadway, Marjorie Brown, Erin Cam, Katy Cauker, Valerie Dann, Nancy Darte, Susan DeRosa, Doreen Garlipp, Tom Glassman, Kelly Gratton, Claudia Harlow, Krista Harris, Mary Hills, Anna Hinkle, Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Howard Hunt, Marilyn Hurst, Zelpha Hutton, Carmelita Kerr, Susan Kracmar, Judy Benson LaNier, Jay Leighton, Summer Lewis, Christina Madden, Jean Mailander, Tess McCarthy, Kathy Morawiec, Victoria Morgan, Cristolin Oswald, Dottie Palamara, Carolyn Patten, Charlotte Peterson, Susan Quinn, Desmond Serratore, Pam Shay, Gayla Snow, Darlene Southworth, Doug Staples, Cindy Triplett, Cherri Van Syoc, Ravindra Vasavada, Maureen Wallace, Zoë West, Timothy White, Charlotte L. Wirfs, Walter Wirfs, and Eve Margo Withrow.

Sponsored by: People’s Bank of Commerce

Kristen Beck , The Light Show, photography
Tom Glassman, Space Ship No. 2, photography
Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Galactic, watercolor


Ceramics by Jane Anderson and Paintings by Fred Nocella

October 1–November 12, 2021

Reception: Friday, October 15, 2021

Jane Anderson explores the being-ness of clay developing into the creation of primitive icons. Fred Nocella’s collaged paintings layer found photographs, natural history, science textbooks, medical illustrations, clip art, schematic diagrams, and popular culture. Their different media and styles of art complement each other visually while harmonizing in their themes of curiosity and investigations of both artmaking and our inner and outer worlds.

Fred Nocella, Is This Problem Glandular In Nature, mixed media;
Jane Anderson, It’s Complicated, Just Breathe Through It, ceramic


Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts (CSIA):
Printmaking Works from the Permanent Collection

August 13—September 24, 2021

Reception: Friday, September 17, 2021

Crow’s Shadow, located in the foothills of Oregon’s Blue Mountains, is a non-profit organization specializing in printmaking. Their collection includes work by luminaries of contemporary Native American art. This exhibit features Rick Bartow, Avantika Bawa, Joe Cantrell, Adnan Charara, Phillip John Charette, Yoonhee Choi, Corwin Clairmont, Jim Denomie, Vanessa Enos, Ric Gendron, Yoshihiro Kitai, Eva Lake, Frank LaPena, James Luna, Brenda Mallory, Larry McNeil, Ramon Murillo, Ryan Pierce, Lillian Pitt, Wendy Red Star, Sara Siestreem, Marie Watt, and Melanie Yazzie.

For more information contact Rogue Gallery by phone at (541) 772-8118 or email admin@roguegallery.org


PAN at 40: Printmaking from Print Arts Northwest (PAN)

June 25—August 5, 2021

Reception: Friday July 16, 2021

This exhibit celebrates Print Arts Northwest (PAN) and their dedication to printmaking for forty years. Based in Portland, PAN works to further printmaking in the Northwest through exhibitions, educational programing, and professional development.

Exhibiting artists: Sue Allen, Jules Altfas, Marcy Baker, Midge Black, Marilyn Burkhardt, Steve Chen, Rosemary Cohen, Jonell Covault, Richard Cutshall, James DeBoor, Michael DeVito, Talmadge Doyle, Lise Drost, Judith Hedberg Duff, Ellen Emerson, Mary Farrell, Dennis Floyd, Jan Fowler, Catherie Gill, Heather Halpern, Judith Hedberg-Duff, Yuji Hiratsuka, Jani Hoberg, Janette K. Hopper, Gessine Janzen, George Johanson, Randolph Kelts, David Kessler, Kristin Kohl, Ann Kresge, Sharri LaPierre, Susan Lowdermilk, Joseph Mann, Janet Marcavage, Marilyn Maricle, Lynn Maritch, Barbara Mason, Rebecca Marsh McCannell, Katherine McDowell, Kenneth Mitchel, Mary Pacios, Jane Pagliarulo, Leslie Chaney Parr, Greg Pfarr, Kristie Potwora, Gerald Purdy, F.X. Rosica, Joan Stuart Ross, Erik Sandgren, Beade Schelles, Robert Schlegel, Jo Siddens, Susan Sutherland-Martin, Wendy Thon, Andrew Totman, Ann Truax, & Christy Wyckoff.

Untitled by George Johanson
Untitled by George Johanson


HABITAT: Fiber Art by Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)
May 7–June 18, 2021

This Fiber Art exhibit features an exquisite collection of juried quilts from the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). Assembled around the theme of “Habitat”, the artists have manifested life-supporting spaces in fiber art exploring the real and physical to the ethereal and imagined. SAQA began in 1989 to represent fiber artists and to further quilting as an art form.

The Rogue Gallery & Art Center is proud to host Studio Art Quilt Associates, Oregon Region. Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt: “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.” Members of SAQA create fiber works of exceptional quality and originality. Displayed works demonstrate the artists’ mastery of the fiber medium, as well as the inventive ways they interpret the exhibit them of “Habitat”. The quilts include abstract and geometric patterns, lyrical landscapes, and playful designs. Quilts vary from the contemplative and meditative to quilts that are more playful and are energized with rhythmic movement.

Denise Miller Sunrise on Lake Elizabeth
Denise Miller, Sunrise on Lake Elizabeth