Current Artists in Our Members’ Gallery

Rogue Gallery member artists are some of the most accomplished and talented in the region. The walls of our Members Gallery are reserved exclusively for our member artists – just one benefit of membership. All artwork in the Members’ Gallery is for sale. Some artwork is available for rental to Members. Another benefit of membership.

Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen, The Guardian, acrylic, $275
Bruce Allen, Black Magic, acrylic, $110
Bruce Allen, Kaleidoscope, acrylic, $275
Kristen Beck, Silent Lake, photography, $175
Kristen Beck, Road to Nowhere, photography, $175
Kristen Beck, Brothers Oregon Sunrise, photography, $175
Erin Cam, Fire on the Mountain, oil on panel, $595
Erin Cam, Goldfinch, oil on panel, $295

Katy Cauker

Katy Cauker, Beach Drift, acrylic, 9×12, $350
Katy Cauker, Rock Creek North View, acrylic, 9×12, $312
Katy Cauker, Chetco Point View Southwest, acrylic, 9×12, $350

Valerie Dann

Valerie Dann, Blanket of Flowers, acrylic, $250
Valerie Dann, Good Night Iris, acrylic, $250

Nancy Darte

Nancy Darte, Mad Cow, oil, $785

Cynthia Flowers

Cynthia Flowers, Birthday Flowers, watercolor, $300

Connie Fribance

Connie Fribance, Chrom Yellow #1, oil, $275
Connie Fribance, Chrom Yellow #2, oil, $275

Tom Glassman

Tom Glassman, Abandoned, photography, $225
Tom Glassman, Break Room at the Stable, photography, $225
Tom Glassman, Infrared Ship, photography, $225
Claudia Harlow, White Horse Falls, photography, $75
Claudia Harlow, Mt. Hood in Northern Oregon, photography, $225
Claudia Harlow, Anna’s Hummingbird with Camellia, photography, $65

Pam Haunschild

Pam Haunschild, Afterglow, acrylic, $525
Pam Haunschild, Flutter of Quiet, acrylic, $150
Pam Haunschild, Quiet Radiance, acrylic, $150

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass

Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Day Becomes Night, watercolor, $800
Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Expressions 6-3, watercolor, $195
Lynda Hoffman-Snodgrass, Expressions 7-12, watercolor, $195

Howard Hunt

Howard Hunt, A Wondrous Gift, digital art, $350
Howard Hunt, Reclining Nude, digital art, $300
Howard Hunt, Reflected Abstraction, digital art, $300

Marilyn Hurst

Marilyn Hurst, California Wild Mustard, pastel, $450
Marilyn Hurst, Red Vine Maple Glow, pastel, $450
Marilyn Hurst, Rogue River Retreat, pastel, $895.

Jenny Kahn

Jenny Kahn, Can Never Go Home, oil on board, $300
Jenny Kahn, Self Portrait with Mother, mixed media, $1500
Jenny Kahn, Self Portrait 2021, oil on canvas, $1500

Susan Kracmar

Susan Kracmar, Guarding the Fort, photography, $100

Judy Benson LaNier

Judy LaNier, Hawaiian Jewel, photo on metal, $225
Judy LaNier, Royalty, photo on canvas, $400

Summer Lewis

Summer Lewis, Between Heaven & Earth, embroidery on paper collage, $395
Summer Lewis, Map 01, embroidery on alcohol ink paper collage, $350
Summer Lewis, Geode Garden, embroidery on alcohol ink paper collage, $395

Vivian McAleavey

Vivian McAleavey, Hope, enhanced photograph, $225
Vivian McAleavey, Tree Line, enhanced photograph, $225
Vivian McAleavey, Sun Struck, enhanced photograph, $225

Bonnie McManus

Bonnie McManus, Looking North, pastel, $275

Susan Murphey

Susan Murphey, Follow Your Heart:  What is Calling You, Let Your Soul Shine, Fabric, vintage beads, $150
Susan Murphey, South African Dreams, South African Shweshwe fabric and vintage beads, $175

Cristolin Oswald

Christine Oswald, Moonlit Owls, pastel, $200
Christine Oswald, Scanning the Skies, colored pencil, $160

Carolyn Patten

Carolyn Patten, Time Traveler 1-Autumn, acrylic on board, $200
Carolyn Patten, Time Traveler 3-Solstice, acrylic on board, $200

Janet Ratnour

Janet Ratnour, Alabaster Meadow #1, plaster bas relief castings, $350
Janet Ratnour, Alabaster Meadow #2, plaster bas relief casting, $350
Janet Ratnour, Alabaster Meadow #3, plaster bas relief casting, $350

Maryanne Rossini

Maryanne Rossini, Evening Storm, pastel, $400
Maryanne Rossini, Lavender, pastel, $400

Michael Schnee

Michael Schnee, Emigrant Lake Dry series 1, photography, $150
Michael Schnee, Tule Lake 1 Dry series 2, photography, $150
Michael Schnee, Tule Lake 2 Dry series 3, photography, $150

Desmond Serratore

Desmond Serratore, Ashland Hotel, watercolor, $150
Desmond Serratore, Main and Water Street, Ashland, watercolor, $150
Pam Shay, Potted Still Life, watercolor/ink, $125
Pam Shay, Mirrored Island, watercolor/ink, $125
Pam Shay, Swiss Retreat, watercolor/ink, $125

Gayla Snow

Gayla Snow, Wake Up Brave, mixed, $200
Gayla Snow, Never Give Up, mixed, $200

Darlene Southworth

Darlene Southworth, Curved Edge Density, assemblage, $450

Douglas Staples

Doug Staples, Emergence, watercolor, $200
Doug Staples, Under the Grape Arbor, watercolor monoprint, $150

Cindy Triplett

Cindy Triplett, Midsummer, watercolor, $800
Cindy Triplett, Pukeko, watercolor, acrylic, $485
Timothy White, Ram Dass Is There Now, acrylic, $820
Timothy White, What Did Leary Tune Into, acrylic, $720

Charlotte Wirfs

Charlotte Wirfs, Duck Lessons, watercolor, $250
Charlotte Wirfs, Cave Swallow, watercolor, $250

Walt Wirfs

Walt Wirfs, Sunken Forest Neskowin, watercolor, $300
Walt Wirfs, Floral Stilllife, watercolor, $275
Walt Wirfs, Sandstone Cliff, acrylic, $275